White Rhino 450 Performance products

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      WhiteRhino450.com    The Only 450 Kit Available―and Proven.

White Rhino is based in Bullhead City, Arizona along the Colorado River with Hundreds of Miles of off-road scenic desert landscape.

We've been working on performance products for 450 Rhino owners and have developed this incredible kit.

We've increased HP & MPH without compromising reliability as the numbers are proven on the race track. We have the only 450 Rhino at this time racing full time with two sanctions; W.O.R.C.S., and Podium Productions on the west coast.


Your 450 will


Rhino Performace kit for Horse Power and Miles Per Hour Contents of Kit:
10.5:1 comp J & E Piston
Kibble White Titanium valve springs
Web Cam
DynoJet Kit w/ instructions for altitude
DYNATEK module
Exhaust (our own design not pictured)
K + N Air Filter for both air box and box removal
Top end gasket kit

Also testing and will be available:
90 mm cylinder
92 mm cylinder


Speed MPH Stock 31-32 mph
(660 Stock 42 mph)

with kit 45-46 mph

HP GAIN Stock 13-14 hp
(660 Stock 20 hp)

with kit 27-28 hp

Other available Services:

In house porting and Engine Building with a two week turn around.

Clutch Sheves are available for added bottom and top end by 4.5 mph

We also rock at 660 performance "We're talking 70 mph on pump gas."

White Rhino understands the needs of the the outdoorsman and the side x side enthusiast.  That's why we put together this awesome kit. Trail riding is more than it ever was with this performance kit.  The power and the reliability that comes with knowing "YOU CAN" with this 450 Performance Kit is awesome! If you have a 450 and you're not getting enough kick then the White Rhino is for you. Just look at the numbers, the end result after a couple of hours of install time is impressive isn't it? 

Make your 450 Out-Perform the rest of the herd with this ultimate and ONLY 450 kit on the market today... White Rhino.

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